Ford-Magna Partnership Targets Carbon Fiber Subframes

Fuel efficiency has reached an incredibly competitive point, and automakers are working on ways to give their vehicles the advantage. In addition to turbocharging and refining engines, Ford is also working on dramatically reducing the weight of the vehicles. The new Ford-Magna partnership has created a carbon fiber subframe that could shape the future of the industry.

Magna, an automotive supplier, previously created the carbon fiber grille reinforcement used in the Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500. Now, the company has partnered with Ford to engineer what could be the future of the automotive industry.

Carbon fiber subframes are around one-third lighter than traditional subframes. While a traditional subframe is forged from 45 steel pieces, a carbon fiber subframe is made from just two molded pieces and four metal components.

The carbon fiber subframe prototype has passed all of Magna’s engineering tests and has been sent to Ford for further testing and development. If the subframe passes testing, it could help increase performance and fuel economy through weight reduction.

Carbon fiber isn’t Ford’s first venture into weight reduction as a method of increasing fuel economy and performance. The Ford F-150 still features a high-strength, military-grade aluminum body, after all.

We at Stoneham Ford are happy to see two incredible companies teaming up to bring about the future of automotive engineering!

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