What is Google Classroom?—and How It Can Help Your Child

The world seems to be changing faster than ever. And with it, our ways of life evolves. With the advancement of technology, resources like Google Classroom may actually help to increase learning and make time spent at school more efficient. But what is Google Classroom exactly?

Google Classroom is a platform created with teachers and students in mind. It can be incorporated into the classroom as little or as much as needed. It may be used just for tests, or paired it with Google Expeditions to take students on one of over 200 virtual reality field trips. Google Classroom can help your child’s classroom by bringing resources, feedback and visual aids to their fingertips in an instant.

Teachers can use Google Classroom to communicate more efficiently with students. Assignments on Google Classroom allow for annotations from both ends, so that even from home students can receive clearer corrections and ask questions about feedback catered specifically towards them. Using a digital platform for quizzes, tests and homework assignments naturally cuts down on the use of paper, but also saves time in the classroom. With no need to hand out or collect quizzes, the class flow goes uninterrupted. Additionally, teachers can get quiz results instantaneously, and students who finish early can move on to something else in their Google Classroom so that no time is wasted.

With home-access, collaborative capabilities and brand new features for parents and guardians, Google Classroom can help your child’s classroom advance into a new era of learning. We here at Stoneham Ford encourage all parents and teachers to invest in their children through making best use of the latest technology.

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