Big Hopes for Our Hometown: Meet the Imagine Boston 2030 Plan

imagine Boston 2030 plan

Photo Credit: Jesse Costa/WBUR

There has always been a lot to love about Boston, from our championship teams to our pivotal spot in American history, to those spectacular sunrises over the Atlantic. All of us at Stoneham Ford are loyal to our hometown through-and-through, so we are excited to discuss here with you today the Imagine Boston 2030 plan.

Weighing in at a whopping 472 page, the Imagine Boston 2030 plan, under construction for the past two years and only recently released to the public, is a detailed roadmap of Boston’s plans for future citywide development. Boston 2030 is the first citywide plan put forth by Boston in over 50 years.

According to Boston 2030, our city is looking at a major population boom over the next few decades. Today, there are about 656,000 Bostonians; by 2030, this number will hit 724,000; by 2050, we’ll have reached 800,000. Imagine Boston 2030 includes jobs, parks, and infrastructure developments to respond to this climbing citizenry.

Already, 77% of Boston’s capital plan through the fiscal year of 2022 has been dedicated to Imagine Boston 2030 projects, including an $18 million new library, updated school facilities along the Fairmount Corridor, and “Go Boston 2030,” the plan’s transportation-specific initiative.

If you end up needing a brand new car to drive down Boston’s brand new roads to Boston’s brand new parks, facilities, and attractions, stop by and see us at Stoneham Ford; we’ll still be here!

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