Three Fall Traditions Your Should Start This Year

Three Fall Traditions Your Should Start This Year

At Stoneham Ford, we believe that one can never have too many fall traditions. We love pumpkin carving and picking out spooky costumes, but the following activities have also become quick favorites for our families and friends. We think you’ll enjoy trying them, too.

Apple Orchards

Forget about pumpkins for a moment and turn your attention to the iconic autumnal apple. There are thousands of different types of apples unique to all different corners of the world. Get to know your local apple by visiting a local orchard for a fun afternoon of apple picking, then an evening of baking!


Fall is a popular season for sport-lovers, but don’t limit yourself to watching sports on TV—get outside and play some yourself! From football to basketball and everything in between, staying active will keep you feeling healthy and happy this fall season.


Speaking of getting outside, a family hike can be a great way to enjoy local nature. Learn about native plants with a field guide, or enjoy watching for birds and wildlife while on the trail. Hikes can be both fun and educational, and if it ends in a picnic with warm soup and cider, all the better!

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